I am Judit Telekes, pedicurist.

If someone had asked me 15 years ago what a pedicurist does, I would have answered rather uncertainly that she paints people's toenails. Back then, foot care for me meant daily foot hygiene and the occasional nail trimming.

Only after the birth of my children did I realize that feet come with problems. More and more, I heard phrases like “I kicked something”, “it’s bleeding”, “my shoe bites the back of my ankle”, “it’s purple”, “doesn’t that look like the wart I had two weeks ago?”, “I didn’t touch it at all”, “there’s a blister”, etc. When one of the children had problems with their feet, they would come to me, take off their socks, and ask, “Mommy, can you have a look at my foot?” They expected me to do something right away and solve the problem. In the beginning, I took advice from experts, but after a while I just reached for the disinfectant, for the scissors; I looked for plasters, I cut, I brushed, I removed, I bandaged; and the foot healed. It was at that time I started to be interested in foot care, which of course is much more than painting nails.

In 2017, I took a manicure class, but instead of fashion nails, I was interested in foot care. Even after moving to Switzerland, I didn’t give up on my plan to become a pedicurist, so I enrolled in Werner Grossmann’s school and successfully completed the foot care course in 2020.

I would like my guests to have the same confidence in me as my children have, and answer questions like “Judit, can you take a look at my foot, can you fix it?” or “Do you have any idea what you can do for my foot?” with “Sure, come and see me. I’ll see what I can do. I’ll be waiting for you!”